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Morgan "G-D" Freeman from Hollywood projects his racism on the Tea Party
Matt "Genius" Yglesias from New York thinks that "[Indian people] only look smart"
Piers "Musket" Morgan from UK is a British expat, but only because they don't want him back.
Al "Race Pimp" Sharpton from New York is a racist race baiter
Harry "Day-O" Belafonte from Hollywood is a racist, leftist troll
Bob "(N)ot (F)or (L)ong" Costas from a stadium near you leftist sports announcer
Funny "nor" Die from Internet Uses "celebrities" to mock conservatives.
Electronic "no-fun" Arts from Worldwide Alienates half of their customers by portraying conservatives as racists.
Coca "Woka Cola" Cola from Worldwide Tells employees to be "less white" as part of training
Bette "boobs" Midler from Hollywood Lefty singer
If you have more information on some stupid leftist, please leave it in the comments. Be sure to add proof of the action as well.
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