List of all lefties in the database

  1. Alec "Toxic Queen" Baldwin -- New York -- hates kids. and women. and anyone who does not kowtow. -- Alec Baldwin was first known as an actor. He starred in such movies as "Beetlejuice" and played the scoundrel friend of Kevin Bacon's character on "She's Having a Baby". He has been known to go on terrible foul-mouthed rants against anyone who does not understand his importance in the world. Common use of homophobic slurs to berate people. In 2013, he called a reported for the UK newspaper "Daily Mail" a "toxic little queen", and threatened the reporter that he would "tweet at your funeral". This guy is a typical asshole liberal who gets pissed when his worldview is threatened, and feels fully justified on attacking those who question him.
  2. Harry "Dayo" Belafonte -- Hollywood -- Anti-Capitalist leftist -- Another person who believes that all black folk should think like him or they are traitors to their race.
  3. Starbucks "mo' bucks" Coffee -- Seattle -- good coffee, bad prices, horrible policies -- The CEO endorsed the Democratic nominee for the Presidency in at least the last three elections.
  4. Net "Rice Cakes" flix -- Online -- A tv/movie rental company -- Netflix was a leader in movie rental by mail, then an online streaming behemoth.
  5. Danny "Ruckus" Glover -- Hollywood -- Communist Leaner -- Thinks that all black people should think like him, or they are traitors.
  6. Mila "Meg" Kunis -- Hollywood -- Abortion Barbie -- Gives money to Planned Parenthood in VP Pence's name.
  7. Jennifer "Katniss" Lawrence -- Hollywood -- Moved far left -- Starting out on a sitcom, she made her way to the big screen with the Winter's Bone and the Hunger Games franchise. Then she veered hard left
  8. Bill "Anti-Vax" Maher -- Hollywood -- Anti-Science -- Anti-science nut who thinks that smallpox was cured by hand-washing.
  9. Michael "Two-Ton" Moore -- Michigan -- Accidentally created the mockumentary -- Lies in his "documentaries" so much that it would take a twice the length of his movie to rebut all the lies.
  10. Chris "Tons of Dumb" Noth -- Hollywood -- Racist projecting onto Tea Party types -- Born in 1954, Chris traveled extensively with his mother and brothers. Known for playing Mr. Big on "Sex and the City", he apparently doesn't understand that calling for violence against political enemies is not a sane position in a free state.
  11. Rosie "Nutter" O'Donnell -- Hollywood -- Thinks 9/11 was an inside job -- Doesn't understand how humans can melt steel without super-heated sun-temperature fires.
  12. Sean "Spicoli" Penn -- Venezuela -- Communist Leaner -- Thinks Hugo Chavez is the pinnacle of political excellence.
  13. Aaron "Col Jessup" Sorkin -- Hollywood -- is a moonbat leftist. -- Thinks republicans are evil