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image of the buttheadAlec Baldwin was first known as an actor. He starred in such movies as "Beetlejuice" and played the scoundrel friend of Kevin Bacon's character on "She's Having a Baby". He has been known to go on terrible foul-mouthed rants against anyone who does not understand his importance in the world. Common use of homophobic slurs to berate people. In 2013, he called a reported for the UK newspaper "Daily Mail" a "toxic little queen", and threatened the reporter that he would "tweet at your funeral". This guy is a typical asshole liberal who gets pissed when his worldview is threatened, and feels fully justified on attacking those who question him.

All the shitty things Alec Baldwin has done (that we have documented so far)

This shows the type of action, the details of the action, and the proof (if any has been documented)
Here is an example of [Hatred]  called his eleven year old daughter a "thoughtless pig". Of course we have proof, and here it is
Here is an example of [Hatred]  [Homophobia]  tweeted the following: "I'm gonna find you, George Stark, you toxic little queen, and I'm gonna f––...you...up." Of course we have proof, and here it is
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