Why do we on the right continue to give money to those people that want to take away our rights, or at best, use the money we give them to support those causes with which we vehemently disagree? According to Sun Tzu, the ancient master of strategy and tactics, we are handing the enemy the very tools with which to defeat us. Why would we do that? Let's change our habits. Give funds only to those people that will not use the money we give to defeat our ideals.

Why Boycott These Unforgivable Asshats?

If you are in a fight with a crazy person, would you go out of your way to give that person pointers on where to hit you? Would you pay for him to take a martial arts class, then fight him? I would hope not.

How many times have you been called some vile thing? Racist, woman-hater, stupid, evil? After hearing this stuff for several years, I decided to try to explain myself to these folks.

I used message boards on popular websites. I was reasonable, calm, inclusive, and tried to let them all know that I wasn't a hater, I just let them all understand that I didn't think it was the role of the government to be our babysitters.

I must admit it was a surpise to me that most of these people had no intention of being calm and rational back at me. I was called (now in print) the same bullcrap things that these assholes had called us for years.

Not a single one of them wants dialog; they want unconditional surrender.

The problem now is how can I make a dent, even a small dent, in the machine? In all seriousness, one person can't. Not really. A few thousand can make a dent. A million can crush the left as they want to crush you.

In any case, I decided that I would STOP dealing with the people that did not like me. I'm no longer going to support the assholes that contantly call me names. I hope you join me. Please tell your friends, and let's hurt them in the wallet.