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Rosie "Nut-bag" O'Donnell from Hollywood Thinks 9/11 was an inside job
Sean "Spicoli" Penn from Venezuela Communist Leaner
Danny "Ruckus" Glover from Hollywood Communist Leaner
Alec "Toxic Queen" Baldwin from New York hates kids. and women. and anyone who does not kowtow.
Mila "Meg" Kunis from Hollywood Abortion Barbie
Chris "Tons of Dumb" Noth from Hollywood Racist projecting onto Tea Party types
Morgan "G-D" Freeman from Hollywood projects his racism on the Tea Party
Bette "boobs" Midler from Hollywood Lefty singer
Alyssa "idjit" Milano from Hollywood Hard Leftist child actress
If you have more information on some stupid leftist, please leave it in the comments. Be sure to add proof of the action as well.
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